Enclosed Shipping

If you are seeking collector car, classic car or auction vehicle transport, ClassicAndCollectorCarShipping.com should be your #1 choice for door-to-door enclosed vehicle transport. We offer specialized enclosed auto transport trailers that come equipped with a drop deck or lift gate. Contents of the carrier are sure to arrive at their destination in the same state they were picked up in.

Some of the latest technology in enclosed carriers:

  • Double drop floors
  • 7 car capacity with upper deck
  • Independent articulating racks
  • Advanced lift gates
  • Climate control
  • Nose cone for clearance

Shipping enclosed endows maximum protection against the outside elements. Rain, dust, hail, snow, gravel and grime are all possible culprits that can damage your vehicle while in transit and hence, degrade the value of your vehicle.

Enclosed carriers usually hold a lower number of vehicles than that of an open carrier. Less vehicles means less time spent loading and unloading, therefore, minimizing the chances of damage.

Enclosed carrier shipping is great for,

  • auction auto transport
  • vintage race car transport
  • auto show transport
  • exotic car transport
  • antique car transport
  • classic car transport
  • high-end motorcycle transport