About Us

We are a company concentrating on the most vigilant national transportation of collector and show automobiles. We assist vehicle owners of all sorts to transport their cherished possessions where ever they need to go. We do this a number of ways.

Our linkage of expert partners across the country generates stable hands-on management of your prized vehicle while in transit. The attention we pay to every individual’s needs takes all vagueness out of the planning and shipping process.

We are dedicated to communicating with you as efficiently as possible and provide you with the most direct of contact info so you can get a hold of us or your transporter.

Transporting your vehicle is as important to us as transporting our own. Your wishes will be reflected in every aspect of the transport. That is the ClassicAndCollectorCarShipping.com standard. If you have any further questions or doubts about our company’s credibility, we urge you to call us right now at 888-564-5670. We will happily chat with you about any concern you may have.